Are kathy griffin and woz dating

I'm no gay guy (or a guy of any kind) but I like her. It's entertaining to see some of the weird sides of the industry she touches upon. Now I have no idea if this is just more of her dating people just to get attention or if it's real but her ex-husband was a geek. Originally posted by jafu: This Article seems to indicate that she was a star of Pulp Fiction.I went to one of her shows when she was in the City. Funny, I didn't think the act of walking across a street (and that's all) in a movie qualified as a starring role.

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She's not even good looking with the "for the age" exception.Segway Polo team member Woz has been married three times and has three children. More at Gizmodohere and The San Francisco Gatehere.“Comedian Kathy Griffin [and “My Life on the D-List” star] reports she’ll be heading to Mexico in April for the launch of a girls’ school — “like Oprah,” she says, referring to Oprah Winfrey and her famous Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. ‘I thought it would be a good way to get press in Mexico. ‘If nothing else, they’ll get some Apple computers.’ Griffin and the billionaire Apple Computer cofounder have been dating since last summer,” Beck and Smith report. All of this he kept in a spiral bound notebook, written in ink with no whiteout or scribbling down the margin. She's ugly like she's the third generation in her family of ugly. Somehow I just see her shrieking at Woz and bullying him and constantly being crazy. It was like she was wearing this suit of wattled flesh. Kathy Griffin has carefully sculpted her entire persona about being a biatch and obnoxious. He's an asshole.3) I would be great friends with Kathy Griffin, but I would not fark her. The Woz wrote the OS for the original Apple computer in assembly language on paper, hand coding it to machine language. She's ugly like she's trained by the armed forced to be ugly. FTFYRead it again....."good for her if she can get with someone as wealthy as this guy""Its about happiness in the end anyway. She's like a manly version of carrot top What with Sigfried and Roy coming out we can all thank god that carrot top will NEVER turn out to be gay. She may have other good qualities but there is still something about her that comes off like nails on glass. Her legs were these horrific, lumpy sausages with rippling masses of cellulite, which was odd because she wasn't that huge. Where she was, indeed, hittable.'Cept one was generally pretty amusing, and one had Brooke Shields.

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