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There she was supposed to take a bus to the airport.

She was from Clinton AL(USA), and had been for one week on Aruba for a graduation trip.

I do not believe that those boys had the knowledge, skill or maturity to dispose of the body. Joran..said "Natalie said Beth was a Hitler-like mom." We all heard that one. And they're off on ANOTHER story about a total stranger being pulled out of a "store"? Dan and Kelly have worked on the case since 2005 and have talked to a lot of people.

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This is a sad day for the Justice System in Aruba, and it is a sad day for the citizens of the United States of America, because one of our own, in the company of three Aruba citizens disappeared from the face of the earth. I took it this fellow was saying they had an 18 year old who went through the same deal (? No, I have not followed the Holloway case that closely, Elle, though I have followed it somewhat. I'll need to read more about it, but that video sure got my attention. He must have got a copy of the private plane flight Beth Holloway was on, proving her time was wrong by four hours. Elle, I edited and put some more info for you, just had an interruption and it took a bit to get it posted, during which you posted this, so just letting you know to go back and read if you want. But then they didn't even bother to simply hire a lawyer to negotiate for them and make a DEAL for the body and collect the reward, WITH IMPUNITY? And..this brain trust is SOOOOOOOO brilliant, just why does he not QUESTION the ALLEGED story HE IS CLAIMING HE HAS FOUND OUT (but wasn't THERE, I'm guessing) that NATALIE DIED PARTYING BY ACCIDENT, if she was in fact WITH CRIMINAL TYPES WITH STREET NAMES WHO MURDERED SOMEONE ELSE BRUTALLY to cover up this entire ACCIDENT? They believe they have found the answer to what happened to Natalie.However, I've rarely seen such an ideal "fit" between a program and its host. Holloway and the other parents spotlighted here can one day find closure and peace.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Neither, like Natalie, has ever been found -- nor any perpetrator caught. Holloway becomes tearful while listening to the parents of Kara, a 17-year-old who was last seen at school one spring day in 2007."Do you still have hope that one day you'll receive the answers that you've so desperately been seeking?" she asks, and you sense that she harbors the same aspiration. Holloway also discusses the case of Jesse, a Benton, MO, college student who was visiting Chicago for a Student United Nations event when he disappeared after leaving a 3 AM meeting.

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