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The cast also includes Lizzy Kaplan (Masters of Sex) and the film was written by Steven Knight (Locke). We'll do a lot of shameful, embarrassing, self-destructive things just to make people like us. This makes us more inclined towards toxic friendships. It was astonishing to see so many close friends walk away from me with such incredible ease. We care far too much about what other people think of us. When you're a kid, you expect that people have your best interest at heart. When you get a little bit older and lot more jaded, you start to see the truth: People are almost entirely self-serving, and no one gives a f*ck about you. I confided a lot of important, profound things to two or three people I considered my best friends. On top of that, a lot of f*cked up things went down. When you're young, you just want to be friends with everyone. I've been on this earth for a quarter-century, and if I've learned one thing, it's that people are the goddamn worst. But at first, I felt really sh*tty about the whole thing. I felt like I was putting in a lot more effort and giving a lot more of myself than I was getting back. As soon as I stopped giving it my all, the friendships started to decline. And the weirdest part of all is that it's really OK. Because you've already been there and done that, and it ended up sucking major ass.

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