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Their solution is quarter night at the Cheap Seats discount theater—"two tickets, a large popcorn, and a goodie bag all for 25 cents." Or course, they also got a few other things thrown in the deal, like a mysterious infestation and a homeless man squatting in the theater.

Six Sisters shared this great list of 50 fun date ideas for cheap or free, from their new book of recipes, activity and craft ideas, and more, . Use a fondue pot (or slow cooker) and dip fresh fruit, cake, cookies, marshmallows, and pretzels in melted chocolate.

Yes, it's time for Valentine's Day again and all the lovey-dovey stuff that goes with it.

The park also has an amphitheater and picnic areas that groups can rent out for a small fee. If the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor picnic, lay out a blanket on the floor and eat in the living room.11. Whether it’s at your local community theater, high school, or a big-city play house, there is plenty of entertainment available in most areas.12. Pack a blanket, pillows, and food (like our Ham and Swiss Poppy Seed Sandwiches), and go somewhere to see the stars. Head to the store and buy some vanilla ice cream and your favorite toppings. Priceonomics named it the 4th most diverse city in the United States for their 2014 report. Culturally, it has aspects of just about everything.

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    , and was joined by co-stars Antonia Thomas, Hill Harper, Richard Schiff, and Nicholas Gonzalez, as well as executive producers David Shore and Daniel Dae Kim.

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    As a tourist, you will have to pay for an appointment (100 tala).

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    I have been given a date for my first scan at 14 1 wks due to the sonographer being on holiday.

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    Key 103 broadcasts local news bulletins hourly from 6 am to 7 pm on weekdays, from 7 am to 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.