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Additionally, the best driver finders can also backup and restore your drivers, and they can even automatically scan your system’s drivers to keep your computer running optimally.

Drivers are pieces of software that control the different devices in your Windows computer.

You wouldn't leave your computer open to new viruses, nor should you leave it open for device failure.

Outdated drivers can cause serious, and even fatal, errors that may result in irreversible damage to your system with no way to fix it short of a full system restore. Most of these devices are internal, such as sound cards, video cards, ethernet adapters and a range of components onboard the motherboard.

Most of us have experienced lock-ups, program crashes, printing errors, no sound or distorted sound output and the infamous "blue screen of death".

Many times the underlying cause of these problems can be traced back to your drivers.

Detecting and updating drivers was a breeze and the interface was very easy to use.

Driver Hound offered several backup options and the flexibility to transfer drivers to another PC.

Here’s more on choosing a system to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 products.They help the computer talk to everything, including your video card, printer and the intricate components of the motherboard.Manufacturers routinely release new versions of their drivers, which fix bugs or are more compatible with newer versions of Windows.Updating drivers makes your computer function correctly.It solves device errors, system crashes, and can even prevent future problems.

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