Dating in greek

Not for them the predictability of a routine life which involves a certain number of hours at work, the gym and at home.

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Some Traditions that Set Greeks Apart There are definitely some ‘different’ traditions you might come across when dating a Greek that you just don’t find elsewhere. That’s right, spitting on someone is a way of diminishing any form of evil energy or presence.For instance a guy is completely capable of spending fourteen hours a day at work and then hanging out with co-workers or clients even after that.On the other hand if he has been having a great night at the bar, he may think nothing of continue to extend the fun to the next day, ignoring any other he many have planned up.Generations upon generations of Yiayias have been predicting the future of family members by looking at the coffee stains of their Eliniko café (Greek coffee).In fact, some Greeks believe in the fortune telling of a coffee stain so much, they will base their daily lives on that morning’s cup of coffee.

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