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The Home Office said those who are civil partners “will be treated in the same way as married couples”.Lesbian couples who are not in a civil partnership will also be allowed to sign birth certificates, as unmarried heterosexual couples are if they attend the local register office at the same time.She explained all the options, and process, and also said they would do the inseminations at their office.” Creating a plan ensures you can answer the more obvious questions, such as how many children you want or who will carry the baby, but it also includes some more daunting tasks like contacting an attorney.Scott Brown says that, above all else, couples should “consult an attorney to make sure you understand the state and federal laws to best protect the rights of the non-birth mother as well as establishing a donor contract if using a known donor.”You’ll also have to decide whether you want to purchase sperm or have a friend or family member donate, as well as finding out what will be covered under your insurance if anything. Remember when we told you that Nikki Baby would be debuting her lesbian relationship with Rosa Acosta on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood??? Featuring: Rosa Acosta, Miss Nikki Baby Where: West Hollywood, California, United States When: Credit: Winston Burris/‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Miss Nikki Baby and her girlfriend Rosa Acosta outside Toca Madera Restaurant in West Hollywood.Well the two lady lovers were spotted booed up in West Hollywood… The couple are seen kissing and holding hands as they enjoy a night out.

But the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, which came into force earlier this year, removed the need for a father and granted lesbian couples equal rights as parents.

“LGBT couples face certain challenges and expenses when starting a family that most hetero couples avoid by virtue of having all the necessary parts,” said Scott Brown, Director of Client Experience & Communications at the California Cryobank.

“In order to minimize the impact of these challenges, the best thing to start with is a plan.” “We had no idea where to start with this process,” moms Katherine and Karyn told us.

Lesbian couples must also tell the fertility clinic if they both want to be regarded as parents.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, led opposition to the move in the Commons.

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