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We first got to know the former stripper from Philadelphia in 2009 after rumors spread that she was dating Kanye West.After those rumors were confirmed, Amber slowly became a celebrity unto herself, appearing in numerous magazines (including a classic Complex spread) and lighting up gossip blogs.Last week, when Game dropped his latest track, "She Wanna Have My Baby," we couldn't help but notice the way he kicked the song off: "Everybody fucking Amber Rose/Is the pussy good?Only Kanye camera knows." True, Game loves to namedrop anyone associated with rapping in his rhymes, but when it comes to Amber Rose, he's not the only one.Eventually, we divided the material into songs and unsongs.He put the songs into a logical order and left spaces in between into which we randomly placed unsongs by drawing them out of a hat."There are still a couple nice exclusives, however. it's 90 seconds long) Dose One song called, "Well Pail," that starts with him imaginatively describing the only things he's afraid of (they would scare me, too!While they couldn’t determine specifically who the most popular designer was every year, they were able to analyze when a brand—say, Gucci or Versace—was at its peak in the rap zeitgeist based on word frequency. Genius’s database, while relatively comprehensive for what it is, is still a tiny fraction of what's actually out there.(Overall, 6,968 tracks were parsed dating back to the year 2000, and while the science is imperfect blah blah blah, it’s still fun to take a look at.)1. And obviously, Kanye or Drake or Nicki cosigning a specific brand carries far more weight here than a region-specific Lil Durk deep cut.

You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright light, feeling pretty psyched.

Even rarer than that Object Beings 7", surprisingly, is the self-titled CD album it's off of.

It came out shortly after the vinyl in 2001 and was limited to only 200 copies (mine's #147), and was mainly just available through Anticon-friendly online stores like Atak.

, which, for the most part, has the sonic velocity of setting yourself on fire and then jumping out of an airplane, there’s a track called “Classic.” It’s a bouncy, "Fur Elise"-inflected repose (and arguably one of the album’s best tracks) that has the following line: You see, Meek has a thing for Balmain (see also: “Fuck You Mean”; try not to run through a wall afterward), and appears to be making his “thing” for Balmain a thing. But, it also got us to wondering: Would it be possible to track “it” designers of the moment, broken down by year, based on how many times they were given shout outs in hip hop? It’s interesting, charting the jump from the mid-aughts (Louis, Dior, Ralph Lauren) to the 2010s (Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Rick Owens) to present day (Chanel, Balmain, Margiela, etc.).

So I shot a note over to the folks at Genius (née: Rap Genius), and asked if they would be so kind to parse their data for fashion designer cosigns, just to see what we could learn. Manolo Blahnik - 2000 Moschino - 2001 Prada - 2002 Karl Lagerfeld - 2002 Burberry - 2003 Louis Vuitton - 2006 Dolce & Gabbana - 2006 Pucci - 2006 Gucci - 2008 Dior - 2008 Ralph Lauren - 2008 Mulberry - 2008 John Galliano - 2008 Phoebe Philo - 2008 Fendi - 2009 Lanvin - 2009 Vivienne Westwood - 2009 Christian Louboutin - 2010 Marc Jacobs - 2010 Valentino - 2010 Isabel Marant - 2010 Rick Owens - 2010 Jeremy Scott - 2010 Missoni - 2010 Betsy Johnson - 2010 Hermes - 2010 Versace - 2011 Tom Ford - 2011 Hedi Slimane - 2011 YSL/Saint Laurent - 2014 Chanel - 2015 Givenchy - 2015 Balmain - 2015 Margiela - 2015 Alexander Mc Queen - 2015 Phillip Lim - 2015 Diane von Furstenberg - 2015 Michael Kors - 2011/2014To be clear, word frequency is just a tiny part of the overarching story about how popular a brand might be.

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