Not playing the dating game

I feel like I’m in high school for even writing this but I’m confused. Recently he told me that he wanted to be friends and was not ready for a relationship. I let him know that I wish it could have gone further but I respect the honesty and I’m ready for something serious. Yet, this is becoming a pattern for me in my dating life. In Toni’s story, she believes that this guy is INTENTIONALLY FUCKING WITH HER.

We’ve used frames a lot for the sake of getting sexually intimate with women quickly…

I want a serious commitment with someone that’s ready for me. This is a very common assertion, and I believe it is usually false for one reason: intent.

Let’s start with a working definition: Playing games: intentionally manipulating someone to keep him/her guessing and off-balance. I can’t handle this.” Are these messages all over the map? Are they so inconsistent that any reasonable woman would feel highly confused?

You might be forgiven for thinking that going on a date is fun and easy, and your only worry was whether the girl liked you or not.

Little did we know that, according to our recent research, there’s a third player that you should be more concerned about – the mobile phone.

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