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Accusations of a sex crime can carry long-lasting consequences, beyond fines or jail time.

Washington requires people in the state with sex crime convictions, whether they permanently reside here or not, to register as a sex offender.

Perhaps even more significantly for the long term, we’re pleased to report a radical transformation and invigoration of the CSPC’s leadership: over the next few months almost every member of the CSPC’s current board of directors will resign, to be replaced by new leaders including (but not limited to) every member of one proposal-submitting team, and an expert in non-profit development from a second proposal-submitting team.

We believe, as you meet these new board members, that you will be pleased with the enthusiasm, skills, and new ideas they bring.

Living under these requirements can be burdensome, and failure to register can result in further penalties.

A sex crimes lawyer in Tacoma with experience in the Washington legal system can help you understand your rights and obligations, review the circumstances of your individual case, and ensure that all registrations and notices comply with the law.

For example, a child who is abused by her father may well know that the abuse is a bad thing, and that it causes shame and hurt, but she may have no idea of the role the abuse plays in problems she has with school, peers, substance abuse, sexual acting out or sexual withdrawal, intimacy issues, depression, etc., throughout her childhood, teen years, and adulthood.

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In the operation, state police pretended to be children and communicated through text messages and the Internet with men who were allegedly seeking sex.The legislature made its intent explicit in the findings which accompany the statute.The legislature finds that: A childhood sexual abuse survivor may file suit against the abuser anytime within three years of discovering the injury caused by the abuse.This is the seventh "net nanny" sting in recent years, and the program has nabbed 86 suspects total.The 12 men arrested in this most recent operation were picked up on charges ranging from first-degree attempted rape of a child to possession of child pornography.

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