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But in my city life, it seems, there's just no room for small talk.In fact, the last time I said anything to a stranger that wasn't "excuse me" was in a recent yoga class and it was only after she had literally held my hips while I did a handstand.Talk about forced intimacy (turns out she was great).Yes, your online conversation is completely confidential and secure, and you can remain anonymous.Oh, and terrible, terrible sex with twenty-something men - which no one ever gives you enough advance warning about.

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Sanitary sewers are processed to clean up human waste (yup, we're talking about what you think we're talking about - poo).There are many methods for dealing with human waste.The generally accepted method in North America consists of three stages. This stage begins when your house's pipes connect up with the sewer.In an attempt to be friendlier, the author tried to strike up little conversations with various strangers and they nearly all reacted exactly like I did in that dressing room: with a grim, forced friendliness until they could escape. I think city dwellers feel so bombarded by stimuli that an unwanted conversation sometimes just feels like too much to take. Perhaps you can't imagine a world where it's considered an imposition to comment about the weather to the person next to you on the bus. I recently told you about how small, person-to-person interactions vary so much in different places I've lived.I don't know if I would have blinked an eye if that very same type of interaction had taken place in a smaller, friendlier location.

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