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Roa also oversees services for Middle Eastern and Native American students, while another colleague works with Asian and Asian-Pacific-American students.“These communities are growing and thriving,” Roa said.

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My inability to communicate day-to-day necessities, however, caused frustration.

Some are multi-ethnic – Hispanic and Greek, Chinese and Chilean, Lebanese and Bolivian.

Multicultural Student Services is a branch of the U. Office of the Dean of Students that focuses on meeting the needs of diverse groups of students by offering them support and guidance.

This is your chance to participate in inspiring workshops and meet with prominent organizations.

The following will be on offer: ● CV checks (in Dutch, English, French & German) ● Professional headshots for you to use on your Linked In profile ● Company stalls for you to browse and ask questions ● Inspiring workshops (in English) on the following topics: self-employment; Ph Ds and research assistantships; personal branding; how to get a job in the Netherlands.

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