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Updating your drivers is important to both system stability and security, so that's why driver update software is important - and even better if it is freeware.Device Doctor is a addresses many of these problems.Some hardware includes automatic driver update software that loads when you start Windows.The problem is that your computer can be bogged down by these programs loading to check for updates, plus they can cause you to randomly restart your computer when you are in the middle of something important (like hanging on Facebook, or playing Scrabble).

There are no patterns or schedules here - driver updates are realised at the whim of the developers or manufacturers.

Device drivers smooth mouse operations, make VMware features such as folder sharing available, and improve sound, graphics, and networking performance.

If you do a custom VMware Tools installation or reinstallation, you can choose which drivers to install.

Keeping track of the all the drivers on your computer can be a frustrating and lengthy task.

Windows update will include some drivers but it has always remained a mystery why full driver update service was never included as feature of Windows.

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